CrawlSpace Care

CrawlSpace Care®


CrawlSpace Care®

1918 Orange Ave NE,

Roanoke, VA 24012


Don’t put up with a dirty, damp crawlspace that smells! Bug Man’s got you covered with CrawlSpace Care®.

With CrawlSpace Care® customers can expect to save as much as 18% on the cost of heating and cooling in their homes!

Crawl Space Problems? We Can Help!

  • Open crawl space vents
  • Cold floors above crawl space in winter
  • Visible mold or musty smell in crawl space
  • Wet and hanging insulation
  • Standing water or wet areas on crawl space floor
  • Rotted wood surfaces
  • Insect or rodent pests in crawl space

Vapor Barrier Services

Closed Crawlspace Installation

Moisture & Fungus Prevention

Allow us to provide a free inspection to determine steps to improve your crawl space.

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