If You See An Apple And An Orange On A Gas Pump, Don't Touch Them

Plenty of strange warnings have gone out over social media, from what to do if you see cheese on your car or a "walking moustache" or a wire on your door or a folded dollar bill on the ground or a bottle with aluminum foil in it and many other things. Now comes a video that warns people not to touch an apple or orange that they might find on a gas pump while filling up their car.

According to the guy who posted it, if you pull up to a pump with the fruit on it, you are being watched by a nearby drug dealer, and if you take one of the pieces of produce, it signals to the dealer that you want to buy a certain kind of drug. He will approach and, according to the poster, "If you didn't ask for a drug, you're in a world of hurt."

One commenter seemed to sum up what everyone was thinking by writing, "Also just never eat random food off a gas station pump." Another joked, "Remember what happened the last time a guy ate a strange apple 🍎 and we've been paying for that for over a million years."

Many felt that the poster made up the warning to get views. They may have a point too as there aren't any other warnings about the apple and orange anywhere online. The clip was filmed in Bakersfield, California and we reached out to their police department to find out if there actually are any reports of drug dealers using fruit at gas stations. As yet, they have not replied.

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