DW: This is the plot line for a Night of the Living Dead movie right?

Some women in New York are on the journey to become drop dead gorgeous. Many patients who want to reverse the signs of aging or fix a cosmetic defect are turning to a product called Renuva that can be administered through various doctors or medi-spas. The claim is that the active ingredient in the concoction promotes stem cell activity in a way that regular cosmetic fillers can’t.

So, what is Renuva made out of? The answer is…cadaver tissue. Dermatologist Paul Jerrod Frank says one advantage to Renuva is there’s no surgery involved. Also, “It has zero downtime and can be built up slowly, over time, to ensure you’re getting the desired result.” However, not all docs are on board. Dr. Darren Smith says using a patient’s own fat is less expensive than Renuva and the one only needs a quick procedure before injection. Plus, Smith says, “The company doesn’t exactly advertise the fact that it is derived from cadavers.’’

Source: NY Post

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