DW: Fellas, it's time to throw the blow up dolls away. We've got a new path!

It turns out you really can have the man of your dreams…even if he’s not a man in real life. Rosanna Ramos, 36 years old, built her perfect man for $300 with the help of the AI chatbot software called Replika. The software allowed Ramos to create Eren Kartal, a loyal, blue-eyed “medical professional” who loves Indie music and whose favorite color is apricot. Ramos says it’s really like being in a long-distance relationship since they “talk” online every night.

She also loves him for being a “blank slate” with no “ego,” or in-laws. Though Ramos loves her current situation, there’s a constant fear of Replika going out of business and Ramos losing Kartal. She says she doesn’t think she’d ever find a love like him and admits, “I don’t know because I have pretty steep standards now.”

Source: NY Post

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