DW: Freeze drying also preserves the flavor....(calling Europe)....

A clothing designer in Portland, Oregon, has paid over $3K to freeze-dry their deceased cat. Soren High, a clothing designer, missed the 16-year-old dead cat so much that the TikTok-er posted a video explaining the sentimental $3200 bill. In the video, High explains that the cat was killed by a dog they were fostering. They continued, “I knew I wanted to have [Lokicat] preserved the day I took her home. It was an immediate knowledge that we were going to be together forever.”

So why freeze-dry instead of traditional taxidermy? High revealed, “Freeze drying has less impact on the body tissues [compared to taxidermy], making the preservation much more ideal. There’s very little chance that she wouldn’t look like herself through freeze-dry.” High added, “In the end, she was simply put in a dryer and dried at very low temperatures to become this."

Source: NY Post

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