DW: Hell, my parent's were glad I didn't eat all the crayons in one sitting!

Introducing a high school valedictorian that puts all other valedictorians to shame... Jasmine Mazard-Larry, a Floridian who’s 17 years old, has graduated with an unbelievable 8.07 GPA, when a 4.0 is generally considered the gold standard. So how did she strive to such academic heights? Mazard-Larry boosted her score by doing multiple Advanced Placement classes, the Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education program, and received an associate’s degree from a local community college all during her high school tenure.

But this high achiever has had plenty to stumble and stay down. Not only does Jasmine have ADHD, but she also suffers from hearing loss. Meanwhile, four years ago Jasmine and her family became homeless after their house burned down in a fire that seriously injured her father. What does the stellar student think of her setbacks? “They're not setbacks,” she says. “They allowed me to be who I am today.” No word yet on which lucky university is gonna score this young lady. 

Source: Daily Mail

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