Groom Slammed For Humiliating Bride With Vulgar Vows

DW: Guess who isn't getting any on the honeymoooooooon?????

A groom is being raked over the coals for his insanely inappropriate wedding vows. Photographer Jonathan Pajak shared a clip on TikTok that showed the couple Michael and Destiny Lentini at their wedding in Florida. The grotesque groom began the vows by whispering to his bride, “You’re screwed,” and things when straight downhill from there. Michael stunned guests by doing everything from making a slew of slimy not-safe-for-air sex jokes, to allude to the fact that he’d rather marry actress Margot Robbie.

How did his blushing bride feel about this? The TikTok video has been viewed almost 19 million times and the comments immediately began rolling in, begging Destiny to run - don’t walk - away from this marriage. However, Destiny came to “Prince Charming’s” defense saying, “…Yes I'm happy, yes I'm still married, yes I loved my wedding, and there is nothing that I would have changed.” This woman has achieved “saint status” for putting up with this guy. 

Source: Daily Mail

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