Woman Says She’s In A Sexual Relationship With A Boeing 737

DW: Hell, that's nothing. I've been dating my right hand for decades.

Sarah Rodo says she’s in a sexual relationship with a Boeing 737 airplane after what she says was an unfulfilling attempt at dating human beings. The 23-year-old has also “met” 60 figurines of 737s and three larger models, which she considers to be part of the “collective being” she says she’s dating.

The biggest problem with her relationship? She says she’s “heartbroken” because she’s never actually been alone with her love, even though she took around 30 flights on “her” plane, which she calls “Dicki,” last year alone.

“Dicki” better watch out; even though Rodo says there are “small plans” to marry the plane, she’s also met a new plane named “Charlie” that she says has more detailed wings.

Source: Daily Mail

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