Man Headed To Sydney, Australia Winds Up In Sidney, Montana

DW: Google Maps is face palming right now...

A New Yorker from Jamaica trying to get to Australia wound up in Montana instead. Kingsley Burnett made a mistake while booking his flight and boarded an airplane for Sidney, Montana instead of Sydney, Australia after the airport codes confused him.

It was an easier mistake to make than you might think. The airport code for Sydney is “SYD,” and the code for Sidney is “SDY.” “I thought it was a good deal,” Burnett told the New York Post with a chuckle. Flight agent Carol Castellano says it’s the second time someone’s made the same mistake and took care of Burnett with a hotel room and a return flight to New York.

“Montana didn’t have kangaroos,” he said, “It had Carol. And that was good enough for me.”

Source: New York Post

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