Jon Peters Leaves Wife Of 12 Days Pamela Anderson $10 Million In His Will

Photo: Getty Images

Despite only being married for less than two weeks, Hollywood producer Jon Peters revealed he's leaving a huge chunk of change in his will for Pamela Anderson.

"I will always love Pamela, always in my heart. As a matter of fact, I left her $10 million in my will. And she doesn’t even know that. Nobody knows that. I'm just saying it for the first time with you. I probably shouldn't be saying it. So that's for her, whether she needs it or not," he told Variety.

After knowing each other since 1989, Peters and Anderson got married in 2020 ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic. They called their unofficial union quits just 12 days later, however.

"He's great and has been a huge influence on my life. I love him to death," Anderson told Variety about her relationship with A Star Is Born producer. When their relationship ended, the frequent Playboy model said there were "no hard feelings." Both parties did tell the news outlet that Peters "never made a move" on Anderson at the start of her career.

Before her relationship with Jon, Anderson previously married and divorced Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and Rick Salomon (twice).

Anderson currently has a memoir and Netflix documentary in the works, Love, Pamela and Pamela, a love story, respectively, which are both set to be released on January 31. In her memoir, Anderson recalls a time at the Playboy Mansion where she walked in on Jack Nicholson having a threesome.

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