Woman In The UK Is Allergic To Cold Temperatures

DW: And no, you can not use this excuse to take more vacation time this winter...

Tammy Rose Bringloe says people have made fun of her condition her entire life, and usually think she’s either joking or lying when she tells them she’s allergic to cold temperatures. The 34-year-old’s condition is called cold urticaria, which causes her to break out in hives when exposed to any temperature colder her than body temperature.

It’s more than hives, though. Bringloe, who lives in Birmingham, says her skin goes “red and blotchy,” and she sometimes has to deal with swelling, itching, burning sensations, and even occasional nausea. She says she’s trying to use social media to raise awareness of the allergy to help others avoid the ridicule she says she’s suffered.

Source: Daily Mail

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