Retired Nurse Says She "Met God" During Coma

Penny Wittbrodt is a 52-year-old nurse from Kentucky and while being in a coma may be horrible, she says she experienced something pretty incredible: she met God. Yup – the all powerful Supreme Being God.

How’d it happen? After suffering the allergic reaction to shellfish, Wittbrodt slipped into a coman. She says she saw a “bright light” before her grandmother’s spirit told her telepathically to remain calm. Wittbrodt says when she met God, she complained to Him about all the hardships she and her children had to endure.

She asked Him why He allowed her children to suffer and got the answers to all her questions – mainly that the suffering in this world would be rewarded in the afterlife. As for her confirmation that her experience was the real deal? Wittbrodt saw a glimpse of the future, where her son, David, was watching his son play soccer. “Mom, I'm going to be the dad to him that I deserved," she heard him say. Years later? She head David repeat the same sentence…while watching his son play.

Source: AmoMama

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