Property Owner In Britain Forced To Move Because Of Sex Ghost

Living in a haunted house has its drawbacks…things that go bump in the night and all. But for Briton Caroline Humphries, who owns the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire – it’s a little more than bumps…she’s leaving the joint due to a suspected sex demon. Apparently, a number of guests said they were assaulted.

One of those people? Her dad. "My dad constantly complained about the sex demon that touched his legs and pressed upon his body when he didn’t want it to happen,” she explains. “Once, the bed started to vibrate. He passed out and when he came to, his arms were above his head.”

Humphries says she hasn’t had such an experience – but she doesn’t want to stick around and wait for it to happen either. So far, Humphries says she’s witnessed a cabinet tumbling down the stairs and pictures falling off the wall with no one near them. As for the ookie spookies in her place? "I have seen it, I have felt it,” she notes. “And I know it exists."

Source: LADBible

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