High School Football Coach Quits...Over Nasty Parents

Anyone who’s ever attended a kids’ sporting event knows: parents can be the worst part of the experience. And that’s why Kahn Chace gave up coaching high school football after 19 years…because the parents suck.

"It's just nonstop whether it's the plays stink, I don't have the team ready, they're just yelling at us," Chace said. "Last year we had a guy follow our assistant coaches out of the booth."

Chace goes on to say that he took it for a while – even getting escorts to his car after games – but when he felt forced to tell his wife and daughter to stay home? He knew enough was enough. “I am a real person with real feelings too,” Chace adds. “And I care about their kids tremendously and that's why I'm there trying to help them do as good as they can.”

Source: WBZ

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