Texas Couple Has To Sell Home After HOA Fines Them $250k For Feeding Ducks

After living in their Cypress, Texas home for 11 years, Kathleen and George Rowe are now being forced to sell their home to cover the legal costs of a $250k lawsuit by the Lakeland Community Homeowners Associated group to make them stop feeding the ducks in the neighborhood.

The group says they’ve asked them to stop repeatedly, but Kathleen, who cares for her 72-year-old husband who suffers from multiple sclerosis, says feeding the ducks has been a therapeutic way of dealing with the loss of their adult daughter.

The HOA is asking for attorney costs, for the Rowe’s to be banned from ever feeding the ducks again, and monetary relief which would be capped at $250k; they claim feeding the ducks causes “imminent harm and irreparable injury” to the HOA.

Source: Daily Mail

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