Roanoke/Lynchburg Areas Preparing For Major Winter Storm On Sunday

Photo: Chief Meteorologist George Flickinger, WSET

A major winter storm is expected to affect our entire region on Sunday, January 16.

Chief Meteorologist George Flickinger at ABC 13 - WSET says:

  • This will be the largest (highest snow totals) Winter Storm to hit Virginia since December 2018.
  • Sunday is a long duration precipitation day. Expect wintry precipitation for 12 hours or longer.
  • The heaviest snow amounts will fall in the counties with mountains and I-81.
  • Snow totals will increase West and North of Lynchburg due to colder air.
  • The current projected path of the Low would allow for heavy snow across Lynchburg and Southside.
  • The Roanoke area will be near 10” to 15” with the highest totals in the mountains surrounding Roanoke.
  • 10” to 15” totals for the mountains of Bedford County, Peaks of Otter, Amherst and Nelson County. Wintergreen is likely near or exceeding 15”.
  • We have Danville at 4” to 8”. The amounts of measurable snow could shrink and compress as sleet and freezing rain occurs on top of it.
  • Amounts of snow decrease South and East, gradually nearing 0” by Raleigh. This is from increasing sleet and freezing rain.
  • Any amount of freezing rain or sleet will make the roads and sidewalks that much slicker.

Watch for updates on George Flickinger's Facebook page, at, and on our STORM CENTER page.

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