Your Dog Can Earn $20,000 As A Beer Tester For Busch

Busch is looking to hire to new CTO to help improve one of its latest concoctions. The new chief tasting officer will be paid $20,000, but the job isn't for you, it's for your dog. Busch is looking to improve its Dog Brew, which sold out within 24-hours when the alcohol-free bone broth launched last year.

The beer maker said the position is serious, and the lucky dog will have "important responsibilities" that include taste-testing and creating viral content on social media.

"Don't be fooled by this comedic portrayal — the role will have very important responsibilities, including leading the expansion of Dog Brew's flavor portfolio," Busch wrote in a press release.

"Responsibilities of the CTO will include taste-testing, quality control, and fulfilling duties as an ambassador for the product and a featured content creator on Busch's social channels," the company said.

To apply for the job, just post a picture of your dog on social media using the hashtag #BuschCTOcontest along with a list of qualifications that make your dog the ideal candidate. The company will accept applicants until April 28.

"In order to fetch this position, some qualifications include a refined palate, an outstanding sense of smell, and while not required, proficiency in English would be remarkable," Busch said.

In addition to a $20,000 salary, Busch will also provide pet insurance and free cases of its Dog Brew.

Photo: Getty Images