Hundreds Of Teens Get Into Massive Brawl At Worlds Of Fun Amusement Park

Multiple law enforcement agencies had to be called to break up a massive fight at the Worlds of Fun amusement park in Kansas City, Missouri over the weekend. The fight involved nearly 300 people, who were mostly teenagers. As officers tried to put an end to the brawl and separate the group of teens, they would just run back into the melee.

"It happened four or five times," park guest Madi Lynn McDaniels told KMBC. "They'd break up, and then they'd go, and the sheriffs would run back over there whenever they started fighting again. There were at least 15 cops that just kept running over there to get them away from each other."

Police say that nobody was injured or arrested during the brawl, though one person was issued a citation for disturbing the peace. Officials have not determined what caused the fight to break out.

"The group of bad actors last night at World's of Fun only represent a fraction of guests that were otherwise there to enjoy the attractions," the sheriff's office said in a statement. "It's unfortunate that families and children had their evening disrupted by these events. We will continue to work with Worlds and Oceans of Fun to ensure the safety and security of their guests and staff."

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