New Bodycam Footage of Link Road Lynchburg Officer-involved Shooting


New video footage released following the Link Road incident where two Lynchburg officer's shot a man in the leg.

Below is the footage released by the special prosecutor:

Two Lynchburg Police officers were charged in that officer-involved shooting.

Walker Sigler was shot in the leg after police said they were investigating an open door at his home on Link Road around 1:15 a.m. Saturday, February 17, 2018.

Officers with the Lynchburg Police Department said they approached the home and announced that they were there to investigate suspicious activity. One of the officers attorney's, Chuck Felmlee, said the officers then heard yelling and heavy foot steps as though someone was running toward them. They say it was Sigler who then slammed the door which made a loud clanging sound they believed to be a gun shot at the time. The officers fired four shots. One bullet hit Sigler and shattered his leg.

More video and additional Info: ABC 13


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