The Most Annoying Phrases In Work Emails


Everyone has a word or a phrase that they absolutely hate for some reason. It could be because they don't like the way the word sounds, or they just have heard it SO MANY times, that it becomes torture to hear. The same goes for e-mails.

Well, a new survey asked people what the MOST ANNOYING phrases that people use in work e-mails.

We're sure there's at least one phrase that bugs you...

1.  "Not sure if you saw my last email."

2.  "Per my last email."

3.  "Per our conversation."

4.  "Any update on this?"

5.  "Sorry for the double email."

6.  "Please advise."

7.  "As previously stated." 8.  "As discussed." 9.  "Re-attaching for convenience."

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