Nearly 200 Truck Drivers Throw Surprise Party for Kid with Cerebral Palsy

Meet Bubba Cadd. He's a teen from Wisconsin who has cerebral palsy, as well as developmental issues, and he loves trucks more than anything.

His family's yard faces a highway, so sitting outside and getting truckers to honk as they go by has become his favorite pastime.

Last month, his mom noticed a small model truck sitting in their yard.  That's when she realized one of the truck drivers must have put it there for him, so she went on Facebook looking for the driver; her post went viral.  Then a bunch of other truck drivers decided they wanted to do something for Bubba's upcoming 16th birthday.

They called it "18 Wheels for Bubba."

 Last weekend, truckers from  all over the country showed up in Milton, Wisconsin, lined their rigs up in a big parking lot, and surprised him with a HUGE party!

Over 1,000 people were there to wish him a happy birthday, with nearly 200 tractor-trailers on display.

You may want to grab the tissue before pressing play.

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