Dad Fights With Coach At Little League Game

Let's talk about little league. It's a chance for kids to play ball, sometimes, it's the only chance because some of the less athletically-inclined among us won't make teams once we get older. 

Two teams were playing when a parent made a comment that might not have been the nicest, but didn't warrant the reaction that would follow. 

The coach for the team that the parent made the comment too instantly goes on the aggressive and they two end up in an actual physical fight - luckily it looks like they were mostly out of view of the kids by the time it reached that point. 

The police were called but no charges were filed because the police ruled it as a mutual fight. 

But let's take a second and look at this. Where's the sportsmanship? The parent wasn't in the right by making that comment but the coach was also in the wrong for pushing it to a fight like that. 

Aren't coaches and parents supposed to set an example for these kids? 

Parents that were there, and others in the league are pushing for the coach to be banned from further Little League participation. 



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