Man Finally Cut His World's Longest Fingernails

The man with the World's longest Fingernails is 82 year old Shrihar Chillal from India. He stopped cutting his nails when he was 16 years old when he accidentally broke a teacher's nail and she told him that he would never know what it's like to look after long nails.

Well, he proved her WRONG. For 66 years, Chillal grew his nails a combined 29.8 feet long. His thumb nail alone was 77.9 inches long.


When he would sleep, he would begin to move a lot in his sleep, and at his age, it became too difficult to maneuver his nails.

After cutting them, he still couldn't use his hand because his fingers HAD FUSED TOGETHER!

It goes without saying, but Shrihar Chillal was inducted into the Guiness Book of World Records back in 2014.

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