Amazon Will Try and Fill the Void Without Toys“R”Us

So today is my kiddos birthday and I really MISSED Toys R Us yesterday! In years past I would just go straight there to look at the latest trains and be done! BUT this year, with the 4th and the holiday I was a bit behind at 4pm....and ordering from Amazon would not help me out for today!!

SO it got me thinking about Christmas and I got sad. BUT Amazon said that it will try and fill the Toys R Us void this holiday season and I think they can make it happen.

Here are the details:

  • With Toys R Us shutting down, there's one less place to get kids' presents for the holidays. Fear not, Amazon is coming to the rescue.
  • A report says Amazon will publish a toy catalog a lot like the one Toys R Us printed before their closure.
  • The catalog will be mailed to Amazon customers and it will be available at Whole Foods locations.
  • When was the last time you thumbed through a catalog? What was it?

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