Two Moms Give Son Weed For Good Behavior

Rewarding kids for doing something good is nothing out of the ordinary...but this story goes to new HIGHS...literally.

Two women from Indiana named Susan Glascock and Melissa Burton would give their son MARIJUANA as a reward for good behavior and then take it away for bad behavior.

Everything started back on June 25th when officers responded to a house disturbance because Glascock was mad about the amount of money that her girlfriend and son were getting from selling video games.

The boy tried to break up the fight between his two moms but then Glascock shoved the him to the ground.

The boy responded by punching Glascock and then running away.

The grandfather of the boy told police that the kid was "in a terrible living condition and needed to be removed.”

He then revealed to police that the boy had drugs given to him.

When questioned by police, the boy then confirmed that he was given marijuana when he did something good, and was grounded from marijuana when he did something bad.

Glascock and Burton even taught him how to roll a joint.

The boy said he was given weed about  50 times in the last 3 months and the women both confessed to doing so.

The women were arrested and released after paying $1,000 each to post bail but Glascock is still facing battery charges for pushing the boy to the ground.

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