Step Daughter Gives Fellatio On Step Dad In Public

Public displays of affection are ok, as long as it's tasteful, and not over the top.

Police in Cape Canaveral, FLORIDA responded to a call about a woman performing oral sex to a man on a public park bench.

As the cops were walking up to the scene, they walked by families with small children and plenty of other pedestrians.

Then...they saw it....

A 39 year old woman named Mandi Falconer was kneeling in front of 65 year old Robert Spiess with his pants undone, penis exposed with Mandi's hands on it.

Weirdest part of the story was that the couple told police that they WERE STEP FATHER AND STEP DAUGHTER.

I know they're not technically blood relatives, but c'mon, still weird.

They were arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious acts and were placed in jail.

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