Couple Does Bath Salts; Thought Aliens Chased Them

I'm not sure exactly what has to happen in someone's life for them to make the decision to get high on bath salts, so I'll just talk about what happens when people do.

In Pennsylvania, a 30 year old man named Jesse Shields along with 22 year old Katherine McCloskey decided to get high on bath salts a week ago and thought that they were being abducted by aliens when they saw lights blinking in the sky. They thought a laser was coming down to "beam them up" so they started shooting their guns into the sky.

Not only that, they went around and started banging on their neighbor's doors and asked them to call 911 because they thought the aliens were following them.

Well, someone did call the cops and when they finally showed up, they confirmed that the couple wasn't being followed by aliens, instead the lights in the sky were just fireflies.

The couple is now facing drug charges and burglary charges because they broke someone's screen door while running away from fireflies.

Read the full story HERE.

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