Woman Brings Drugs To Jury Duty

Jury duty is never considered "fun" by any stretch of the imagination. For the 99.9% of people that get called upon for jury duty, they usually play games on their phone, or maybe even bring a magazine to entertain themselves during down times.

Kristine Mittler from New Port Richey, Florida had other ideas. When she entered the West Pasco Judicial Center to find out if she would be selected for jury duty, she set off some alarms when she walked through security which prompted police to search her.

Folded in aluminum foil was some COCAINE and METH, she was immediately arrested for possession.

The woman admitted that drugs were hers, she just forgot they were in her pocket. So just remember, if you have to go to the courthouse, or anywhere that there are a lot of cops or metal detectors, just double check your pockets and always remember to leave you drugs at home.

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