Waitress Awarded $3 Million For Unwanted Kiss

For the record, I WILL KISS ANYONE for $3 Million...and my girlfriend wouldn't blame me, or mind for that matter.

Kristin Lisi was working at an upscale restaurant and a couple of regular customers, who already had the reputation of becoming unruly after a few drinks tried to make a move on Kristin.

The way the story was described, Gregory Englesbe and his friends were obviously intoxicated and Gregory was alone with Kristin in a hallway area which I assume may have been a bathroom area. There he said to Kristin “You’ve been walking by me all night and I want a kiss,” That was when he grabbed her throat and tried to kiss her. A second man came and said, "Now it's my turn..." he grabbed her arm and attempted to kiss her while his pants were unzipped.

One Philadelphia waitress has been served a $3 million jury award after suffering injury while being forcibly kissed by an intoxicated patron.

Lisi, was awarded a total of $3 Million for the incident, $2.4 Million for punitive damages for the injuries to her throat, and another $600,000 in compensatory damages.

Now those men are Freaking scumbags.

Read the full story HERE.

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