Is Instagram Fueling Mental Health Problems?

We are only reporting new studies as they come out. One week there is a study that says that taking selfies is bad for your mental health. The next week there is another story that says that taking selfies is good for your self esteem and promotes a positive self image, confidence, etc.

Well given the suicide death of British TV show Love Island, Sophie Gradon, there is a lot of talk about how people portray one image of their life on instagram, but in reality people are dealing with deep depressions and suffer from other mental illnesses.

The United Kingdom's Royal Society for Public Health correlated Instagram with depression, bullying, and the idea of FEAR OF MISSING OUT. Which is the idea that young people are influenced and impacted by other people who appear to have the "PERFECT LIFE OR BODY". The feeling of not being good enough or inadequate start to compound on a daily basis, and they want to be a part of that "PERFECT LIFE"

Sites like Instagram are making mental health issues even worse for people who are already struggling with issues like poor self esteem, confidence issues, or self image. In some cases, people begin to feel isolated.

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