Hot or Cold? Workplace Temperature is a Hot Topic

Summer is finally here and with that comes HOT AS HELL temperatures outside.

But what about the temperature at your workplace? Are you one of the people that change the thermostat at work? Well if you do,  don't feel bad about 1 in 5 people do it during the summer time.

A recent study proved that 19% of people have secretly changed the temperature at their workplace with 13% making it cooler and the 6% to make it warmer.

Things can get HEATED over this issue because 15% of people have gotten into ARGUMENTS with colleagues over office temperature.

Women are predominantly unhappy with the temperature at work. More than half, 55% of women don't like the temperature with 36% saying its too cold and 19% say it's too hot.

As for men, 18% are usually cold and 17% say they are hot.

As a whole, 46% of people aren't happy with the temperature at work, which can affect a person's ability to concentrate.

67% of people are less productive when it's too warm, compared to 51% when it's too cold.

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