County Changes Dress Code Policy After "BRA-GATE"

A while back, this story came up about a high school female who was humiliated at school for not wearing a bra one day and it caused the boys in her class to take notice in a way that was disruptive to the learning process as the teachers like to say.

Lizzy Martinez was asked to wear band-aids over her nipples and that caused an uproar that led to a protest of all girls to go to school without wearing a bra. The protest became known as Bra Gate.

"There's nothing sexy about a nipple, like everybody has them. You don't look at boy's nipples and drool over them,” said Martinez.

In reaction, the school board has changed the part of the dress code that says "distraction" to "disruption" in order to avoid ambiguity in how a term can be interpreted.

Representatives say the dress code does not require a student to wear under garments of any kind to match their gender.

Read the full story HERE.


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