Woman Spray Paints Her Love For Her Ex $10K Damage

A 28 year old woman named Brittany Ann Clenney and her boyfriend broke up recently and she decided to go a park that just opened in SANTA ROSA BEACH, FL.

But not to vent peacefully, she went with a can of purple spray paint and sprayed love messages professing her love to her ex boyfriend in hopes that they would get back together.

She wrote "John Ryan Wilson, you stole my heart.  And I love it."

Which I find crazy, but hot at the same time....

She also sprayed "Brittany Ann"

She spray painted all over a brand new wooden dock, some rocks, the side of a wall, and on giant column on an overhead bridge.

All in all she caused about $10,000 in damages.

Because she used her boyfriend's full name, the police went to him first and that's how they were able to track down Brittany Ann.

When the cops arrived, she still had purple spray paint on her arm.

She's now facing criminal mischief charges.

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