Parents Go To Court To Kick Their Son Out Of Home

In recent years, the number of young adults living with their parents, or moving back in with their parents has been steadily rising for a number of reasons.

There is a family in New York that has their 30 year old son still living in the house with them. The parents, Christina and Mark, have been trying to get their son, Michael to move. Their attempts have been unsuccessful and the son just won't leave.

The parents ended up going to court to really step up their efforts.

The court told them that The SUPREME COURT justice needs to sign off on the motion to have the son removed from the house. So Christina and Mark filed a petition with the county Supreme Court in order to make the son leave the home.

No word from their son, Michael if he will be fighting the petition or not.

How terrible of a son do you have to be for your parents to go so far to get you out of the house?

If I were living at home,I would at least CONTRIBUTE TO THE HOUSEHOLD. It sounds like this guy needs to get a job and help with utility bills, groceries, do extra chores, or SOMETHING.


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