Eating Broccoli Has TONS of Health Benefits

We here at CRASH MORNINGS are not the biggest fans of eating vegetables. We'll eat them, but only because we know how healthy they are, not for how savory and delicious they are.

Now if you HATE vegetables, there is still one that you should still eat, even if it's the only vegetable you eat.


Doctors from England say that broccoli promotes healthy gut bacteria, which helps your immune system. This also has been linked to lowering the risk of mental health problems.

Broccoli is in the same food group as kale, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts, and they all are considered to lower the chances of getting colon and lung cancer.

Broccoli has a compound called sulforaphane which prevents cancer cells from growing. Broccoli also helps make your bones stronger because it has vitamin K which absorbs calcium.

And broccoli also has a ton of vitamin K in it, which helps you absorb calcium and makes your bones stronger. 

So eat your broccoli.

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