Santa Steals 90 lbs Of Panties; Now Faces 40 Years

There's a man named Isitro Sanches who is 59 years old and has a striking resemblance to Santa Clause with long white hair and a white beard. He looked SO MUCH like Santa Clause that he even adopted the nick name and everyone in his neighborhood called him Santa Clause. The only difference is that this story takes place far from the North Pole, it happened in Panama City, FLORIDA.

Last year, Sanches was arrested for breaking into a neighbors home and leaving her sexy panties. It wasn't restricted to to just her home, he left panties in her car, as well as on her porch. He would do this SEVERAL TIMES A DAY for 3 MONTHS!

To make things even weirder, Sanches left disturbing notes that would say things like, "I'm WATCHING YOU,". Now, a guy that looks like and is referred to as "Santa Clause" might actually could have been watching her while she's sleeping and probably knew when she was awake. It just makes this idea of Santa Clause seem a whole lot creepier, doesn't it?

Sanches was eventually caught by the woman's boyfriend when he broke into the kitchen, and the boyfriend called the police.

When cops searched Sanches' home, they found 3 trash bags filled with approximately 90 LBS of Women's Underwear.

It is unclear if Sanches stole or bought all that underwear. I think he stole them, that's just me.

Last Friday, a jury convicted Sanches of 3 counts of Burglary and one count of aggravated stalking. His sentencing is this week and could face UP TO 40 YEARS IN PRISON.

FULL STORY: "Santa Clause" Facing 40 Years for Stealing 90 lbs of Womens Underwear

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