Complaining at Work is Actually Good For You

You know when you're in the break room with one of your colleagues and suddenly you just start venting about how awful work is and can't stop complaining about how horrible your bosses are?

Well that is actually GROUP THERAPY...and apparently it's good for you.

There was a new study done recently that showed how people getting together and complain at work has positive effects on mental health. 

In addition, the study also showed how complaining about work makes you BETTER at it.

The researchers claim that when you know that others are going through the same frustrations that it helps you deal with the situation better rather than just go without saying anything.

I think the logic behind it is if you are complaining about your job, it must be because you think you are better, or above your job duties. Therefore if you believe your too good for your job, you will make the effort to perform better to prove that point to others. 

Read Full Story From The New York Post: Why Complaining At Work Is Good For You

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