Mechanophilia-Sexual Attraction to Automobiles

In Pennsylvania, there is a woman who has been diagnosed with mechanophilia which is a sexual attraction to vehicles, bicycles, airplanes, and ships.

Although it sounds is a real thing.

Imagine yourself driving through traffic and seeing someone running around in traffic trying to hug and kiss the cars.

Well that's EXACTLY what happened a few weeks ago. Apparently there so many hot, sexy cars driving by this woman's house that she actually ran into traffic.

The police were called and they were able to track down the woman. When they found her, she was in a parking lot, or an orgy in her mind. So they took her home and reminded her that running through traffic is dangerous, not a good idea, and not safe.

When the police and the woman arrived at her home, she ran over to a Nissan Pathfinder, hugged it, kissed it, and even has a pet name for it, "Husky Bear"

There was another car nearby that she didn't find attractive so she yelled at it...

Wish I could do that in public to women I don't find attractive. HEEEEEYYYOOOOOOOOO.

No charges are being filed against the woman.


credit: The smoking gun

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