Man In Jail; $50K Bond; Felony Burglary for JORTS?

Here is a story where the punishment doesn't fit the crime. YOU be the judge.

In North Carolina, a man by the name of John O'Donnell broke into his female neighbor's apartment while she was asleep.

His goal was to steal one thing, and only one thing....a pair of JORTS.

Jorts is a shortened way of saying JEAN SHORTS for those of you who have never heard of this garment, let alone wear a pair.

The man is now facing FELONY charges for FIRST DEGREE burglary. He's in jail right now on $50,000 BOND!

See what I mean? Of course, breaking into a neighbor's house is WRONG...but there is no indication that anyone was hurt, threatened, or in fear of their safety.

We would have John return the jorts to the owner, put him in jail for 30 days, 1 year probation, 150 community service hours, and lower the bond to $1000.

Maybe that's why I'm not judges...

Full Story: Man is arrested for stealing a pair of JORTS

Credit: CBS 17 Staff

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