Facebook to Become a Dating Site?

Facebook has been going through a rough patch in recent weeks over the Cambridge Analytica scandal where millions of profiles were accessed to gain demographics information for the purpose of manipulating the way people voted in the 2016 presidential election.

So now Facebook is desperately trying to regain the obsession from its users and they may be on to something with their new strategy.

Facebook will be adding a new element to their site that will essentially turn it into a DATING SITE

You would have an option to turn your current profile into a dating profile. At that point, FACEBOOK will search for possible matches with singles whom you are NOT already friends with.

As odd is this may sound, Facebook's lack of security and privacy protection could work in their favor because it may actually be more secure than other sites.


Facebook knows SO MUCH about us, you can easily put fake or skewed information on other dating sites. But we are so honest about ourselves on facebook that potential singles will be able to get to know you for who you really are.

And what are the other dating websites thoughts about this news? FEAR.....match.com and it's parent company saw MASSIVE drops in their stock prices.

Facebook says the new feature is launching soon . . . but in the meantime, it's BAD NEWS for the other dating sites out there.  Match.com and its parent company both had massive drops in their stock prices after the announcement.

Full Story: Facebook announces that it will soon have features making it a Dating Site

Credit: Sara Salinas; CNBC

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