So guys, the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey has been released, I found it helpful to add it below.  Before you roll your eyes at me listen up! There are benefits to this worldwide feminine movement known as "The Book".  I've read all three, not because I really wanted to, but I had to see what all the damn fuss was about.  Dare I say these books, although can be rather cheesy and mushy at times, really can get a womans blood running on lust.  I know you refuse to read the books, and quite frankly might feel a tad bit intimidated by the whole crazyiness, but here's the good news.

 You know shes dying to go to the theater and watch it.  So before you reluctantly take her to see another damn romantic comedy come Valentines Day, I would highly suggest taking your lady to see this , why?

1.  It will have sex in it, lots of it.

2. she will probably get turned on by watching it.

3.  you might just learn something!