A Guy Hired a Hit Man But Got Ratted Out . . . Then Hired Someone to Kill the Hit Man and Got Ratted Out Again
So stupid you can't make it up !

A Guy Falls While Surfing on Top of a Truck Naked, and Causes a Huge Crash

Somehow he wasn't seriously hurt.  But a guy on a motorcycle got rear ended, and WAS seriously hurt.  looks to be in her late 20s.




A 450-Pound Guy Was Arrested After Cops Found an Ounce of Pot Hidden in His Stomach Rolls

Police also found a handgun and $7,000 cash in the car . . . not in the rolls.  Plus the driver had cocaine on him.   




A Fun-Loving Woman in New Orleans Was Propped Up At Her Funeral Next to Booze, Cigarettes, a Case of Busch, and Two Disco Balls

Now THIS is how you throw a funeral . . .