Having your flight delayed is one of the most annoying things about traveling.  But will people suddenly start HOPING it happens?  Maybe.



Berkshire Hathaway has a new travel insurance policy that costs $25 per person, per flight.  And if you get delayed more than two hours, you get 50 bucks.



Which is OKAY.  But the big bucks come if you board the plane, and get delayed on the TARMAC for more than two hours . . . which pays a THOUSAND DOLLARS.



You also get $500 if you miss a connecting flight because of a delay . . . $500 if it takes more than 12 hours for your luggage to show up . . . and $1,000 if the luggage gets lost or stolen.



With delayed flights, you don't even have to file a claim.  They automatically track it, and the money shows up in your bank account or PayPal account the next day.  If you want to find out more about it, just go to www.BHTP.com/Aircare.



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