"Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek looked a little irritated when a contestant on a recent show accused him of wearing suits made by 8-year-olds in foreign sweatshops.  So we can definitely add this to the list of The Top Things That Annoy Alex Trebek.



When he's not given the exact dialectic pronunciation of foreign words.



The fact that on his show a contestant can win five straight games and still not have enough money for plane fare back to Idaho.



People who can recite as many facts as him WITHOUT note cards.



People who ask him to autograph eight-by-tens of Will Ferrell.



If it weren't for that one segment where he leaves the podium to talk to the contestants, he could do the whole show pants-less.



Whenever the question is, "This emotionless man with a bad haircut hails from the planet Vulcan," and the contestant answers, "Who is Alex Trebek?"



Hot chicks rarely remove their shirts in public and ask him to sign their "Daily Doubles."



Those persistent rumors that he'll be replaced by Chelsea Handler.  Or is that another old guy who has been on TV way too long?



Brain-dead MORONS who dare to come on his show WITHOUT knowing the name of Charlemagne's nephew's horse.



Studio audiences who DON'T instantly burst into applause when he celebrates over-pronouncing a Spanish word by looking extremely pleased with himself.



He's one of only three people in the world who can properly pronounce the word "croissant."



Ever since he shaved his mustache, he gets much less attention in gay bars.



Fast food workers who want his order in the form of a question.



Thanks to Justin Bieber, William Shatner, Celine Dion, Jim Carrey and Howie Mandel, he's never once won an "Annoying Canadian of the Year" award.