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[NEW] The Scientific Guide to Good Naps

[NEW] The Scientific Guide to Good Naps

Science keeps telling us we need more sleep than we're getting.  Even people who get eight hours a night will feel better if they get ten.  But if you can't do THAT, just take naps.  Here's a guide to getting the ideal nap for your specific needs.



1.  If you just need to be more alert and focused, a 10 to 20-minute nap gives you a boost in alertness for two hours or more.



2.  If your brain isn't working and you can't think straight, a one hour nap gives you more focus and also improves memory and learning.



3.  If you need a complete reset, a 90-minute nap puts you through a full sleep cycle, which gives benefits in alertness, memory, learning, creativity, and performance.



4.  If you're not sure WHAT you need, a 10-minute nap should be the default.  It was better than five minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes in a recent study.



5.  If you don't even have enough time for a nap, ANYTHING helps, even just resting your eyes for a minute.  One study found that even just THINKING about taking a nap reduces your blood pressure.


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