You know how people often say that someone or something "won the Internet"?  Well, KATE UPTON did that yesterday.  And she CRUSHED any and all competition.



You see, Kate did a bikini photo shoot for the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue . . . in ZERO GRAVITY.  The pictures hit the web yesterday, and they're quite glorious.  (Scroll down here for a behind-the-scenes video.)






(This reminds me of JANE FONDA'S Zero-G STRIPTEASE in the 1968 sci-fi flick "Barbarella".  Check it out hereWARNING!!!  Jane does indeed go ALL THE WAY NAKED, and shows her boobs.)



The swimsuit issue is available online now.  And because it's the 50th anniversary issue, they did a special back cover which features Kate.  You might also like the interactive photo they did with two dozen models and their "SI: Swimsuit" covers.