We all know women be shopping.  Well guess what?  It turns out men be shopping too . . . the just don't be telling you about it.



A new survey found HUSBANDS are more likely than wives to secretly buy things . . . AND to lie about how much they spent, and hide what they bought.  41% of men admit they secretly buy stuff, versus 22% of women.  But maybe the women were lying ABOUT lying?



Anyway, here are the top five things people spend money on without telling their significant other.  Although they're a little too general to be interesting . . .



1.  Nights out.


2.  Clothes or beauty products.


3.  Leisure activities . . . whatever that means.


4.  Car stuff and transportation in general.


5.  Vacation spending.



The main reason people keep something they buy a secret is to avoid arguments.

Women are better than men at hiding their secret spending.  54% of men who've secretly bought something have been caught, versus 34% of women. 



(Daily Mail)