19-year-old Kendall Jones is a pretty blonde cheerleader at Texas Tech University, and she's been hunting since she was 13. 



She's taken several hunting trips to Africa since then, and has killed a lion, a leopard, an elephant, a warthog, a cheetah, a rhino . . . and more.



She even has a Facebook page called Kendall Takes Wild where she posts photos of her kills.  And she has more than 114,000 likes.



Her hunting trips are legal . . . she wasn't poaching or anything.  And there are safari parks all over Africa that allow people to hunt animals to help with population control, and to raise money for the rest of the animals' food and vet bills.



But still . . . people are OUTRAGED.  They say her photos glorify animal cruelty, that hunting endangered animals should never be legal, and she needs to be banned from Facebook.



There are a few online petitions calling for them to ban her, one of which has over 100,000 signatures.



For now her photos are still up . . . and all the attention is helping her career.  Kendall has signed on to do a hunting show with the Sportsman Channel that'll start sometime next year. 



(Buzzfeed / Gawker



(Here are some of the photos of her with animals from her Facebook page.)