A 30-year-old woman in China drugged her husband because he wanted a divorce . . . sliced off his junk . . . and flushed it down the toilet. 



But he recovered . . . somehow they got back TOGETHER . . . she got jealous AGAIN . . . and drugged him and sliced off what was LEFT.  Seriously.



It's been 21 years since the JOHN WAYNE BOBBITT incident.  And there have been a TON of stories like it since then . . . usually in foreign countries and with less publicity.



In case you're worried YOU might be the next victim . . . there's a new kind of insurance policy JUST to cover it.



An underwear company out of Montreal called UNDZ has made a deal with Lloyd's of London insurance to create it.



Anyone who buys three or more pairs of their underwear will get a $50,000 policy to cover you if your junk ever gets CUT OFF.



The underwear starts at $10 a pair, so this seems like a pretty solid deal. 



(Huffington Post / UPI)