You get a ton of channels with your cable subscription, and even though you barely watch any of them, there's no way to get rid of them or avoid paying for them.  This guy thought he'd figured out a way.



66-year-old Richard St. John of Lynn Haven, Florida called his cable company on Monday and said he had a problem with his cable.  When the cable guy got to his house, Richard said his problem was . . . he was getting TOO MANY CHANNELS.



And apparently Richard's plan to get rid of those extra channels was . . . by threatening to SHOOT the cable guy.  The cable guy took off, so Richard called the cable company . . . and threatened to go to their office and shoot everyone there.



Richard was arrested for assault.  It also turns out he was an unregistered sex offender, so he was also charged with failure to register. 



(Panama City News Herald)